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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 >> on welcome back. joining me now is--mr. burton. >> a roth is when you want to pay the taxes are now at today's brackets endured into a account or it can be tax free bread it will be tax free for the rest of your life. >> let's talk about what people should consider a roth conversion. >> the biggest one, there is a sweet spot a lot of people ree on 65 years old and a first couple of years you could have a very low tax bracket. a lot of people make mistakes about selling their stocks. what happens is said they lose control of their tax. you are forced to pull someone out at 70 and half whether you want to or not. a lot of times that with the calculations to slowly converge this where they have you pay the taxes. by the end of five years you have this big tax-free account to draw on. also it will reduce after seven the and have. >> how about the third donned the marginal oil and come tax. >> the roth version only works if you have the money on the side. you do not want use the money inside to pay. you need to have money on the outside. that is the to the strategy. what i am talking about says a
parties need access to the account for it and probably each other's taxes on some levels. what can you tell us to extend this conversation? >> this is an area that can actually make any problem so much worse. there is the dispute that causes you to pull out the books or records to see what they look like about the numbers. whether it's income expenses, contributions would never prurient and then if you look at those books and records and they are a mess and they don't answer the problem, then that they can just make the matter so much worse because not only does it not give you an answer but to get into this other dispute about what should have happened with the money. what should be going on with a profit losses. whenever it happens to be. yes to get those cleaned up and in shape and maintain them on a regular basis. try to reconstruct after the fact is trouble. >> lack of money put a lot of stress on the relationship. tell me a little bit more. >> for example we had won a multimillion-dollar dispute with the partners didn't have a great books and records and the dispute was the partn
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2